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The Objectively Correct VGC2022 Tier List

Now that Sword and Shield's competitive season has concluded I would like to discuss the restricted options in a tier list by generation.

Mewtwo: C+. Mewtwo despite being the poster child for strong pokemon is incredibly weak. Despite its high spa and speed stats, its damage output is crippled by dynamax, losing to most threats

Ho-Oh: A-. Essentially a zacian and shadow rider counter. It has low damage but can be dangerous.

Lugia: B. Ho-Oh but worse. Can be scary with a calm mind and multiscale leading to an easy sweep.

Kyogre: S-. Rain is based. Kyogre needs rain to function but a base 90-speed stat is perfect for bulky sets and fast sweeper sets.

Groudon: A. Sun is cringe. Groudon relies on venusaur and Charizard to literally do anything of value.

Rayquaza: B-. Interesting but needs either swords dance or dragon dance to kill anything.

Dialga: A. Trick room threat and is pretty strong but like easily predictable.

Palkia: F. I missed hydro pump a lot:(. But A tier. Rain boosted hydro pump 0"KOs" Zacian and that's it but it functions on trick room.

Giratina: C-. Literally throwing, bulky but a waste of a restricted slot.

Zekrom: B. Does everything fine but mid

Reshiram: A. Great type and counters a lot of threats.

Kyurem Base: F. Trash literally does nothing.

Kyurem Black: F. Why? Physical attacks are crippled by incineroar plus can’t deal with anything

Kyurem White: :). Based. Honestly, epic pokemon beats everything* and can go brrrrr—literally peak pokemon. F tier please give it a base 200 spd and 300spa and make it fire dragon:). S tier.

Yveltal: S. Bulky deals damage and has consistent recovery. Really good.

Xerneas: B. Thank christ for Zacian it dies to it.

Zygarde: C. Pointless but bulky

Solgaleo: S. I hate it cause it beats kyurem. Life orb or weakness policy are both scary sets. Fast but can also function well under trick room.

Lunala: A+. Power herb meteor beam does amazing damage. Good trick room setter

Necrozma: F. Why?

Necrozma Dusk: A. Solgaleo but stronger and slower

Necrozma Dawn: A-. Lunla but more predictable.

Zacian: A. Broken but not

Zacian C: Z. Broken fast, bulky, strong, immediate plus 1 attack.

Zamazenta: D. Just mid

Zamazenta C: C. Predictable and mid

Calyrex: F-. Useless

Calyrex Shadow: S. Fast and strong. But like gets killed fast.

Calyrex Ice: A. Slow and strong. Peak trick room sweeper.