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A Campus Where Beauty Lies

Running from class to class, speeding downstairs for lunch, and rushing to get home – we do this process almost every single day without taking the time to enjoy the scenery around us. We fall victim to our almost ritualistic behavior causing us to get stressed about the wrong things, which also forces us to not have time for the things that matter. Making time for family, friends, and other things is of high importance because that allows us to have a balanced life, which is a Benedictine hallmark. Additionally, taking that time to go outside and enjoy nature will allow us to learn more about the world and see its beauty from different angles. At St. Anselm’s we’re blessed to have a campus with 44 acres of land and majestic deer roaming free as classes continue in the background. So next time you’re walking down from the upper building for lunch, try taking that time to look around, take a deep breath, and bask in the nature that surrounds us.

In order to show you every beautiful aspect we’ve noticed on campus, we’ve produced a video that you might enjoy. Check it out below, we recommend watching it with sound: