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Note From Editor-in-Chief

Dear Faithful Reader,

As you embark on these analytical, community-based, and entertaining works alongside the progeny of our future literary masters as brought to us by the Barry Prize, I would like to welcome you to not only read the articles ahead in a cursory manner, but to get lost in the coming words, bouncing between the ceaseless interim defined by your viewing of the articles and the author’s inception of them. Let your eyes revisit old words and phrases as that mind of yours pours out its own perfect image of the scene of life referred to via each and every inference uncovered. I invite you to this method of addressing our content not only in a broader philosophical sense but also concretely as the 2023 Winter Edition of the Priory Press marks our return back to offering a physical version of the schools’ works since the beginning of COVID-19. Thus, let your eyes roll on the parchment, embrace the texture of the work, and grow closer to the physical substance of the reality etched into the words in front of you. Mark the edition; challenge the author; craft your revised edition!

I say this not only to many students and teachers reading this now but to our monks, parents, and vast alumni community: in that line of logic, we have preserved our electronic edition to increase the reach of our newspaper and to ensure the continuity of present sights for future students and members of our community to absorb and bring to life. What’s more, do not let your active and free reading of the text stop with the ersatz screen or fading leaf. Anyone in the Abbey community or even from without who has enjoyed the fruits of our labor is more than welcome to contact us about their experience, along with suggestions for upcoming editions; those teachers, monks, and us students at the Abbey are invited to reach out about contributing to the Priory Press – we would love to hear from our Middle Schoolers as well. You are also more than welcome to message any of our editorial staff for more personal insights into the Priory Press. For either of these endeavors, our official contact information can be found below or on the main page of our website. 

Lastly, thank you to our editors Arinze Haffner (Form IV), Yitong Zhou (Form V), Paul Ritacco III (Form VI), and Michael Wright (Form VI) for your constant support leading from the first days to the shimmering and shinning of this piece representing the Priory Press’ continued devotion to the Abbey. Thank you to Mr. Morse for serving as our faculty advisor and Ms. Kelly for your consultations concerning this edition and labor in bringing back this physical edition to our readers. Check back for our Spring Edition and stay tuned for a possible return of the Cellar (our creative literary journal) pending interest from contributors. Onwards!

Pax in Sapientia,

Aiden Wetterhan


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