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Words! Chapter 8

This is chapter eight of my new book, Words! While on his way to his first day of ninth grade, Jason finds himself the sole witness of an event of magic. Monsters start popping up everywhere and Jason finds himself intertwined in a fight between good and evil. As Jason’s life starts to fall apart before his very eyes, he and his new friends must go on an epic journey. Will Jason and his friends be able to save the world, and find the legendary quills of Icopthy? Or will the forces of hate and evil triumph?

Chapter Eight
The Room

When I wake up, I look around the room. I see if the puddle of goo is still on the floor. Unfortunately, it has disappeared. I stand up and get dressed. Then I open the door to my room and look outside. There is nothing, the hallway is empty, and everything is normal. I walk into the empty hallway and fumble my way to the stairs. I walk down them and carefully leap over the bottom one, as to not make the creak that would wake an elephant up. I then make my way to the living room and soon realize that no one has woken up yet. I sit down on the couch in the living room and lay down. I wait, staring intently at the grandfather clock sitting on the wall. My sister Abby loves the sound it makes when it is 7 A.M. She says it sounds like freedom, or maybe she feels that way because it’s an excuse to run around. I sometimes can’t stand Abby, but sometimes... I love her. She is the best sister I could ever have.

“Phew,” I sigh out loud. I look around the room, and soon hear the pat of my sister’s feet running upstairs. She comes down the stairs, and jumps around, saying “be boop,” over and over again. I stop Abby and “shh!” her. “Mom’s still sleeping,” I say. Abby gives me a quiet nod. She sits down quietly. I also sit down and relax. Soon enough, Mom also comes down. She starts to make breakfast. She cooks up some eggs and bacon. Soon enough, breakfast is ready to eat, and we start having the eggs. We finish breakfast soon, and we head out. There are no mysterious symbols or words anywhere, and the drive to school so far is normal. I’m looking out the car window and suddenly I see something. It’s the girl from yesterday. I see her walking on the sidewalk. She looks around, and making sure no one is watching, slips into an alley nearby.

“Stop,” I yell to my Mom. She stops as soon as the words leave my mouth.

“What is it?” my Mom asks.

“I can walk myself to school today,” I say to her.

“Okay. Just don’t be late no matter what, ok? Remember what happened last time,” my Mom says suspiciously.

“I will,” I reply, as my Mom pulls over to the sidewalk. I get out, and Mom drives away. I wait for her to be completely out of sight. Then I look around and spot the alley the girl had disappeared into. I run across the street while simultaneously dodging cars, soon getting to the alley. I slowly take a peek around the corner, just in time to see the girl leap off a garbage can to climb up onto the roof of the building. She rips around the final edge of brick, and with that, is on the roof of the building. I run over to the same garbage can, and also try to do the perfect leap. I grab onto the ledge and try to pull myself up. I end up falling back down and I land in a pile of garbage. I then stand up and slip. I grab onto the edge of the brick and climb up. I look around the top of the building. The girl is nowhere in sight.

“Hmm,” I ask myself. “Where did she go?” Just then I see it. There is a door on a tiny brick entryway to a storage closet. “She must be in there!”

I open the door on the wall and brace myself for what might be next. I hold my breath as the door slowly opens. The door seems to be slowed down. Everything seems to be moving slow, almost as if everything was in slo-mo. I then come back to real-time and the door opens in a matter of seconds. I release my breath.

“Huh?” I say. There is nothing behind the door except for a wall! I then say to myself, in a frustrated tone, “Always behind every wall, there is another door.” I check the bricks for any pressure plates. I find none. I sigh and start to head back. “Just another useless excursion,” I think to myself. Then I realize something. “I’m late!” I cry and groan. I run and leap off the roof into the alley below.