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President's Perch

Luca Smith standing outside the Upper Building beneath a "Conversatio Morum" banner
President Luca Smith gazes upon school grounds from outside the Upper Building

The post-break, pre-finals limbo of January to March can be a hard time to find motivation for some; the air is bitterly cold, holiday festivities are behind us, and the grind is in full swing.

With events and drives, the IHC has been working hard to maintain the level of togetherness we enjoy at the Abbey. The “Warm for the Holidays” Coat & Sock Drive, which culminated in mid-January, was a resounding success. 42 jackets, 60 pairs of socks, and one scarf were delivered to Central Union Mission— they were very appreciative. Also a special thank you so much to the family who donated 55 pairs of socks; they are often the most requested clothing item at shelters, so you certainly brightened the day for many.

We are currently working on some form of service opportunity for Lent, so stay tuned.

At the time of writing, Spirit Week is right around the corner. I have great faith that it will be a blast. With fun themes, Tenth Period activities, and a first-of-its-kind Teacher Trivia Tournament (with a mystery alumnus guest), it will be a nice refresher from the weekly routine.

As the hairs on the incumbent IHC begin to gray, those of you in Form V who are interested in student government should begin to plan. If anyone has questions about the process, email/text/DM me or anyone on the IHC and we’ll be happy to help.

The year is beginning to draw to a close, so let’s finish even stronger than we started. As always, reach out with any suggestions, and thank you for your toughness in such chaotic times.

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