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Seniors: The Great Transition

Well, this is it. As seniors, we have dreamed of this moment ever since we first came to the Abbey: graduation. After years of jotting down notes, taking rigorous tests, and participating in clubs and sports, this year seeks to reward us with the heavy decision of applying to university and hopefully getting into the university of our dreams. Many of us aspire and pledge ourselves to accomplish great feats within our lifetimes, maybe some that we can look back on during our tenure at the Abbey. Some of us will leave our families to go far, and some will stay close by home. Many of us will change our majors even when we get to college. As seniors, we have to adjust to the obstacles and challenges that we will have to face in college, and a major part of this is growing up. We thought that, in a gazillion years, senior year wouldn’t come. We thought that it was just a distant lightyear away, that it was some type of urban myth that we would never see. Time flies, but the prospects of our journeys seem bright and full of luminosity. I know for many of us, it can seem scary and anxious venturing out on your own while trying not to make mistakes on the way, but it is a part of the human experience. I say don’t worry, make mistakes on your path going forward, try not to get too caught up in what you could have done differently but what you can do now, and most importantly keep moving forward regardless of the situation you are dealt with. In just a few days, many of us will submit our early action applications to our selected universities. Regardless of what the outcome may be, try to always keep your head up and be in good spirits. Cease whatever petty quarrels you may have with your Abbey brother, and truly cherish what it means to be a senior, one’s final year in high school. Accept it, thrive in it, and do your best to remember these awesome memories that we make here as a community.